Although we have a portfolio of gorgeous, innovative garden room designs, we know that sometimes a standard design just won't do. If you have your own specific vision in mind for your garden room, the White Peak team will do everything we possibly can to turn it into a reality.

Our team has the architectural know-how and structural engineering experience to create a truly complete plan for your outdoor room. With our in-house computer-assisted design capabilities, we'll create a detailed blueprint for your dream structure - this digital build will allow us to plan the project down to the smallest detail and give us the versatility to tweak the design to your liking before the real project even begins!


Your garden room will be designed to your exact requirements in size, specifications, number and placement of doors and windows, built-in lighting, and purpose. If the environment is a factor - such as the lie of the land or the characteristics of the surrounding area - this will be taken into account. If planning permission is required, we can also help you through the application process.


Making the decision to build a garden room is a momentous occasion on a par with building an extension or conservatory - so why not build it exactly as you want it? Choosing a bespoke design will give your home that extra touch of uniqueness and make your new space truly ideal for its purpose.

With our years of expertise and specialist knowledge of outdoor offices, we'll work alongside you to bring your dreams to life. We have the experience and the drive to make your personal vision a success.

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